Services Provided

SERVICE – THIS is where we shine….We offer rope access service to repair those hard to reach signs and lights as a sub contractor to established businesses.  You supply the products, we install them safely, professionally and efficiently.  When there is an outage, we can, in most cases, set up and repair the outage in less time than it would take for a crane or swing stage to be set up.  This means no equipment left on the side of your clients building and no ground equipment blocking traffic lanes or possibly damaging landscaping.

INSTALLATION –  Rope access technicians can install signs and lights where access is limited.  We work closely with project managers to ensure proper placement and operation.  Most times it can be costly to rent hang stages to install only one light then move stage to install the next.  With rope access, there is less time for set up at each light which will save you money and expedite the project.

RETROFITS – As you know, LED’s are already in use in every industry.  The use of LED’s in signs and accent lighting has also increased in new construction, but what about the signs and lights that are already installed?  We can help you retrofit existing signs and replace existing accent lighting with new and more efficient LED lights.

ACCENT LIGHTING –  If you have ever driven through some of the larger metropolitan cities in the US, it is hard not to notice all of those buildings that are lit up with white or color changing lights.  The buildings scream “Hey, Look At Me!!”.  The regulations in most cities are changing to allow building owners to update their lighting to more energy efficient LED’s while at the same time creating an artistic icon for the city to be proud of.  A lot of the cities today can be identified by the buildings that are lit up at night.  We work with a major lighting design firm that has done amazing work in the south Florida area.  They can create a design specific for your building so you can add your building to the list of those in your city that stand out.