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ROPE ACCESS (Rappelling)

Rope Access, commonly called rappelling in the sign industry, indicates a vertical decent.  Rope Access actually refers to the ability to get where you need to, by utilizing ropes for vertical and/or horizontal movement on, over or under a structure.  Rope Access offers a  more efficient and less intrusive solution for servicing outages, simple repairs, face patterns and LED retrofits.   

When searching online, there are dozens of rope access companies across the country, in many different industries, such as oil and petroleum, inspections, wind power and of course window cleaning.  So what sets Hi Light Services, LLC apart from these other companies?  We only provide our services to sign and lighting companies.  We have been in the sign and lighting business for over three decades, helping our colleagues is our passion.  

As SPRAT Certified technicians, we have the training and years of experience in the field to evaluate each project and determine the safest, most efficient way to complete.   

Our main objective is to make our clients, assets to their customers by providing services that few others provide.  Sign companies no longer have to pass on hi rise or limited access service requests, simply call Hi Light Services, LLC.  

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